ESR 11: Safiye Jafari, CSEM, Switzerland

FoodSmartphone assays for aflatoxins

My name is Safiye Jafari and I am going to work on FoodSmartphone assays for aflatoxins screening at CSEM, Landquart, Switzerland. Originally, I am from Afghanistan. I was born in Iran and grew up there. At undergraduate level, I studied applied chemistry at K. N. Toosi university of technology. I really enjoyed working in laboratory and doing experiments, so I decided to do more in depth research. Then, I did a Master in applied chemistry at University of Tehran where I worked on the development of an electrochemical DNA biosensor. In my master thesis, I introduced a new approach for immobilization of single-stranded DNA at the electrode surface using Ce2O-RGO (Cerium Oxide- Reduced Graphene Oxide) nanocomposite. I have research experience in Voltammetry (CV, SW, DPV), Impedance spectroscopy and biosensing. My main research interests are electrochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry and biosensing. During my master, I always wondered if I could use the sophisticated lab platform in a handheld device which could be used by ordinary people in real life. That is why I am so excited about being part of the FoodSmartphone project, since I would have the opportunity to work on such a device. I think, the most interesting feature of this project is the multidisciplinary and collaborative approach which enables us to work with people from different research backgrounds. Apart from scientific world, I am a movie maniac and I enjoy reading novels, hiking and swimming.

Safiye Jafari